Before and After Examples
Warning! These pictures can be graphic. Our poor poodles frequently arrive in heartbreaking shape. It takes a great deal of care and medical attention to return many of our dogs to healthy condition.

Won't you help us in this worthwhile work? Funds are needed desperately! Even a small donation can impact the well-being of these little ones.

Most Recent Picture Sassie Before

Most Recent Picture Sassie After
Sassie is 8 years old and came to us weighing 5 pounds and now weighs 5 pounds.

Most Recent Picture Lucky Before

Most Recent Picture Lucky After
Lucky is 3 years old and came to us weighing 14 pounds and now weighs 14 pounds.

Most Recent Picture Mattie Before

Most Recent Picture Mattie After
Mattie is 2 years old and came to us weighing 40 pounds and now weighs 50 pounds.