You Can Help by Sponsoring a Poodle

In an effort to reduce mailing costs we are trying to do more online with our Sponsorship Program. Each month we will showcase canines here, take a peek each month to see Who's Who. You can make a donation in their name or sponsor them. You can pay online via PayPal, Credit Card or send a check to our P. O. Box, your choice. Be sure to put the dog's name on the memo line of your check or for PayPal users, edit the note/optional information area and put the dog's name. Sponsors are $45, Donations can be any amount you choose.

  • Our High Cost Canine is a dog we have in our care which is having greater than normal expenses; heartworm treatment, specialized testing, surgery, training etc..
  • OurPermanent Fosters are dogs we have in our care that are not adoptable due to some type of Special Needs; whether it be temperment, physical or emotional issues.
  • Our Looking for a Home Foster is one that is struggling to find a home due to one reason or another.
  • Our New Arrival is a dog waiting to come into rescue or one we just took in recently.

You can see our past sponsors (some still need support) by going here. Many more dogs need sponsors, there is only time to do some stories online as we are busy with the dogs! When you sponsor via the newsletter you will hear about others.


If you sponsor one of the ONLINE dogs, we will send you a certificate and receipt for your tax records, if you want to print the story you can do that from the website. If you wish to sponsor a poodle that is not on the website, we will send you a picture and story regarding the dog; we certainly can't list them all here! Maybe someday there will be fewer dogs to save but until then ....
Meet Corey!
Permanent Fosters. Meet them all.



Savethem all