You Can Help by Volunteering

Harriet In Kissing BoothMaybe you're not ready or you're unable to foster a dog in your home right now, but you'd still like to help. Read throughout this site and see how much we do, you can help us, each part matters and we never have enough help.

We can always use volunteer help. In fact, we have no paid staff. We are 100% volunteer-run! All talents and skills are welcome and will be put to good use. We have frequent needs for:

    • Telephone reference checking
    • Transporters, local and long-distance
    • Help at area fundraisers (such as the one shown here)
    • Local home checks
    • Pet-sitting and Grooming
    • Obedience Trainers
    • Veterinary Services

Volunteers such as groomers, dog-sitters, vets and other professionals will find that their generosity is rewarded with phenomenal word-of-mouth advertising.

Interested? We can use your help! Please fill out the following form.